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Maarten Elsinga, “SDH podcast”

“Find people who are different from you and give freedom and responsibility.”

Maarten Elsinga SDH podcast

Maarten Elsinga is a passionate leader who values ​​loyalty, modesty and clarity. For Maarten, collaboration in a team is important. And above all a team that consists of very diverse people who keep you sharp as a leader. As the leader of such a team, he chooses to stay in the background as much as possible when everything is going well and only step in when the situation calls for it. As a leader, he likes to give freedom and responsibility so that every individual can shine. Maarten believes that authentic leadership and transparency is the only way to get (especially) young people to join in.

Maarten has put a very important dot on the horizon with Zwanenberg Foodgroup: making an important contribution to making food preparation more sustainable and preventing food waste. With his knowledge and passion, he stimulates the organization to realize this important transition.

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