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Anja Spaans

Partner | Owner

+31 6 5136 6899

Anja has a Master’s degree in Management and Organisation and a Bachelor’s in Business Administration.


Status and ego are irrelevant for me. I love helping people who work in demanding, unpredictable and dynamic environments to make conscious choices. It’s what I find so appealing about this line of work. It allows me to connect people and organisations, so that both can grow and flourish. Self-realisation is essential; it’s the basis for a fulfilled life and a pre-requisite for inspiring others. The world desperately needs inspired leadership. Now, more than ever before.

Driving force

The bigger picture is an important driving force for me. It kicks off with my natural curiosity, because I always question why something is the way it is. And, more importantly: what it will take to make people happier and the planet a better place to live on. That’s what makes me tick, what makes my heart beat faster.

Voluntary work

I am pragmatic and result oriented and I relish the challenge of improving processes. And not just at work either; I also do voluntary work for a few cultural and ANBI organisations. This can range from serving on a supervisory board to sweeping the street after an event. Because I’m certainly not afraid of rolling up my sleeves and getting stuck in.

In the office ofAnja Spaans


I fell in love with this painting immediately. Its perspective is so open and free that it leaves plenty of room for development. This woman is the epitome of dynamism, vitality and strength, qualities which are traditionally associated with men. But the artwork also depicts typically feminine values, such as connection and creation, which are just as important. A combination of forces you could say. It’s with the same perspective that I look at the composition of teams; real synergy can only be achieved with a balanced mix of characters and temperaments.

The artwork is by Lincy Hoogveld.

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Anja Spaans

Partner | Owner