Humanity Centered Leadership

SDH Leadership Development coaches senior leaders in their personal development and energy management. This is aimed at new and current leaders, or perhaps for you yourself, so that your organisation can respond even more perceptively to the ever-changing reality. 

SDH Leadership Development uses the Humanity Centred Leadership Model (HCL).
As leaders, we realise that the decisions we make have an impact on the welfare of our employees, organisation, society and planet. In order to manage the necessary change, key aspects are good coaching, reflection and useful tools. 
SDH Leadership Development helps leaders to feel a deep sense of meaning by ‘energising the wisdom of the mind’.  

This experience will provide a framework for the desired change in thought and actions to bring about a greater impact on future sustainability. The moral development of the self determines the decision-making qualities of the leader. 

The HCL model reveals the dominant phase of consciousness that the leader uses to shape his/her leadership. It also shows how much resilience he/she has and how much of a chance there is that his/her leadership is driven by dysfunctional patterns of behaviour. 

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is an intensive 1 to 1 process that focuses on growth as a leader in a complex world. Our form of coaching follows the method of ‘Deep System Coaching (Chi Factum)’, in which the Executive is encouraged to look beyond his/her existing filters in a way that makes transformation at a deeper level possible. 
The result of the Executive Coaching focuses on leadership using the Window of Wisdom: an open view that gives you the tools for interaction in a complex environment by means of flexibility, wisdom and ability. 


Assessments offer understanding from different perspectives. Assessments can be used in the run-up to a placement, coaching or onboarding. SDH focuses on assessments that really offer a different perspective. Of course, we also offer the more ‘traditional’ assessments, although the benefit for our clients is in the personality assessments. 
SDH offers a number of assessments as standard: 
The 5-E model gives an insight into the qualities an individual possesses in relation to personal transformation in a complex environment. 
RMM (Resilience Mastery Method) gives an insight into the vigour and energy of an individual, at the level of biorhythms, nutrition and activity, for instance. 
In-depth personality analyses (Neo PI, Harrison Assessment) and cognitive assessments are also available.

Sustainable Onboarding

The Sustainable Onboarding programme allows SDH to coach candidates in their new role and to manage the outlined expectations and results. The first 8 months in a new position appear to be crucial. SDH offers the opportunity of coaching these candidates during the first year of their placement. 
The sustainable Onboarding programme is structured around the candidate. The candidate discusses which programme would give the best chance of achieving the agreed objectives (behavioural or otherwise) with his/her SDH consultant. The programme is geared to the areas of consciousness and development, and covers elements of personal development, interpretation of the role, level of awareness of the environment and connection with relevant stakeholders.