Impact Leadership Delivered

We do not stop once we find the perfect match. We only assume success on seeing that a placed candidate really is an excellent match with an organisation.

Executive search

We have an impressive track record for executive searches in the AgriFood, Life Sciences, Consumer Goods, Retail, Business and Professional Services, Private Equity, and Family Businesses industries. We are insiders in these industries, with a sensitive finger on the pulse of what is going on.

Committed and objective, we shed light on the diverse leadership issues that you have to contend with. We find and place the right (executive and non-executive) board members, directors and senior managers.


Advise on

Knowledge and genuine commitment


you playing field


Your urgencies


The initial months are crucial for the new leader and the entire organisation. To accelerate the new leader’s transition, we offer a tailor-made evidence-based leadership transition programme with intensive personal coaching and guidance. Our programme, which has proven its effectiveness time and again, enables the new leader to settle into the organisation quickly and successfully and to make an impact in the short and long term.