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Frans Haarmans

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Frans has a Master’s degree in Management and Organisation and a Bachelor’s in Garden- and Landscape Architecture.


As a teenager, I would often fantasise as I cycled to school about what I would do later. I remember wanting to bring people or parties together, without really knowing whether I could actually make a living from it. My love for nature had me first of all studying garden- and landscape architecture, followed by business administration. After being active in executive search, I realised that I have been fulfilling my passion.


Humanity currently faces some serious challenges and sustainability has become a dire necessity. Much to my delight it also brings back qualities such as integrity and connection, which I think are indispensable components of good leadership. Besides, I also want to assume my personal responsibility and I consider myself fortunate that my work allows me to make a tangible contribution. I firmly believe that ESG leadership can make people happier and our planet healthier.


When I’m not working I like to enjoy nature, play golf and walk with my family, preferably in hilly and alpine landscapes. The continuously changing perspective fascinates me. From a distance, a route might seem logical and easily accessible, but once you get there it can turn out very differently. I love a challenge in which flexibility is at least as important as sound preparation.

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I used to sail a lot. I learned it as a child on the River Maas. This painting, which for me exudes serenity, epitomises my passion for sailing. I love the sense of freedom that you feel on the water and the fact that you have to deal with elements which you have no control over, such as the current, for example. Moreover, the weather can change without warning when you’re on the open water, so being able to respond quickly and adequately is crucial. You need to keep a cool head to navigate, be aware of what the vessel can handle and rely on your crew. Come to think of it, sailing could be seen as a fitting metaphor for business.

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Frans Haarmans

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