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Annie van de Riet, “SDH Podcast”

“I am proud that I have also changed course. This has been enough, I am going to a new future”.

Annie van de Riet enjoys the journey in her career. The route has led her from an Economic Geography education to various positions as an advocate in agriculture and horticulture. After the merger of several auctions to form the Greenery, she made the switch to the NVM and two years ago to the chairmanship of the AVAG, an association of 70 companies in the greenhouse horticultural technology.

She also fulfills various social roles. Annie characterizes her leadership as investing in a long-term relationship and results: just like in agriculture, quick gain is not possible. To sow today means to feed and till the soil for 6 months and then to harvest it, and learn to deal with the adversities you will encounter on that path. Having the guts to change course, to decide that enough is enough and to take the step towards a new future is also part of that.

Her advice for the younger generation: do what you are good at and you will succeed in achieving your goal.

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